This From That:  Aprons for Children

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  This From That In the event that my memory ever fails me, I want to remember that I actually did things like this and how I did them. There will be many posts to this category in the future and they will all begin This From That. I love thrift stores. Some are better than others. Commercial clothing […]

Slack Line Stuff

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  journal entry: This activity was a hit at our recent family gathering. Brett is the King and the slack line belongs to him but there were many who were ready and almost able to knock him off his pedestal. ( or knock him off of his line ) You would have thought that this was serious stuff by […]

Symbolism Using Collage and Overlay

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  journal entry: Mixed media and collage art have long appealed to me. Most of the examples I see on the Internet and other places are on the artistic side rather than designed to be personal. I have chosen the path of the personal by creating familiar, personal, meaningful and symbolic combinations. I will use the collage above as an […]