April 2010

Toy Organizer


“If people were meant to just pop out of bed in the morning, we’d all sleep in toasters.” -Author Unknown- journal entry: When little children wake up in the morning, they are ready to go.  They don’t stretch or yawn or dawdle under the covers.  They don’t put pillows over their heads or hit the […]

Bling Bling Baby Bib !


“When my grandchildren come to visit wearing new white t-shirts . . . I immediately wonder what in the world  their mothers were thinking ?” -Grandma- journal entry: It is impossible for me to send a child home clean.  I try and I try but it always ends the same way.  There are the problems […]

Finger Towel Toddler Bib


“You too, my mother, read my rhymes for love of unforgotten times, And you may chance to hear once more, the little feet along the floor.” -Robert Louis Stevenson- journal entry: It is true.  When I make things for my grandchildren I think about my  own children when they were the same ages. I do […]

Desk Calendar


” Tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow It’s only a day away. -Annie- journal entry: I can only imagine a time when people didn’t worry about a calendar.  Farmers planted and harvested according to an almanac and often wrote down a thing or two that they needed to remember.  They didn’t face a paper page completely […]

Labels and Tags for Everything


“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s eyes there are few.” -Suzuki- journal entry: What a weakness I have for labels.  I love address labels, fabric labels, gift labels, book labels, labels for files, labels for closets, labels for drawers, labels for the playroom, labels for the pantry. I made […]

Through Grandma's Eyes: The Horseshoes

” A good photograph stops a moment from running away.” – Eudora Welty – journal entry: I could hear the clang of the horseshoes from the kitchen.  I put my telephoto lens on my camera and sneaked outside.  From behind the trees I could see into the orchard, where the horseshoe posts were placed.  Grandpa […]

Paper Scrap Family Portrait


“It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards.” -Alice in Wonderland- journal entry: Most family portraits today are the same.  Fifty people with the same shirts, arranged by the photographer so that they look like a choir.  Not this portrait.  I thought it would be fun to make a portrait of my family […]

Please Eat the Animals !


“Animals are my friends . . . and I don’t eat my friends !” -George Bernard Shaw- journal entry: Well . . . you better eat these animals. They are tiny enough to fit in the palm of a little person’s hand.  I love to use cookie cutters. Did you know that you can use […]

Sunday Aprons

“Be content to remember that those who can make an omelet  properly can do nothing else.” -Author Unknown- journal entry: What is it about Sunday Aprons that makes a woman’s heart go pitter patter  and give a little flutter ?It must be a longing to be a lady.  Being a lady is a trick in […]

Cover Your Camera Strap

“If there’s nothing wrong with me . . . maybe there’s something wrong with the universe.” Dr. Beverly Crusher – Star Trek journal entry: There was something wrong with me. My neck was sore. My camera strap was eating it. I looked on the internet and found that people made covers for their camera straps. […]