January 2011

Fast and Easy Water Bottle Covers


Water bottles are not really bottles.  They are made of rubber.  They aren’t even shaped like bottles.  Nevertheless, they are wonderful, old-fashioned things.  Time was when people heated bricks and potatoes in the fire before bedtime, wrapped them in cloth and settled their cold toes on them for the night.  Today, people have heating pads […]

Be My Valentine !

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My Valentines decorations are few.  But special.  Every year I re-discover this wonderful handmade Valentine angel which I bought at a boutique twenty years ago.  I don’t know who made her but whomever did was very talented.  She has a wonderful face and wooden wings.  A small heart is pinned to her dress and over […]

More Great-Grandmother's Hats

All of my granddaughters love my mother’s hats.  They are so different, especially with the net pulled down.  There is something mysterious about hiding behind it.  Keeley and I talked about it.  Did she want to take some photographs in the hats?  YES.  She did.  She put on the string of pearls . . . […]

fun with cousins


“A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” -Unknown- Most people have cousins.  Most of the people I know have lots of cousins.  I have about 40 cousins.  Some are older than I and some are younger.  Most are within a few years of my age.  My grandchildren have cousins.  […]

I Love Utah


January is here.  I didn’t make resolutions.  I made lists.  I love Utah.  That is because I love seasons and Utah has them.  From red rock cliffs to snowy mountains to the grandeur of the Great Salt Lake at sunset . . . Utah is a wonderful place to live.  January is a month for […]

Great Grandmother's Hats

“Leave everyone wondering which is the most interesting piece of work . . . YOU, or your hat?” -Unknown- journal entry: These are my mother’s hats.  They are from the middle 1940s.  I am so glad that she kept them.  They are mine when she is gone.  I borrowed them for a very fun new […]