February 2011

Easter Bibs from Hand Towels


Hand towels just get cuter and cuter and I think that they make  wonderful bibs for babies and toddlers. These were especially cute because the little chick was an applique as was the bunny with the pom pom tail. { these particular towels came from Kohl’s }  I didn’t have a pattern for these but  […]


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Whenever I look at Owen, the poems of Eugene Field begin to play in my mind.  I am sure that it was children like Owen who inspired his wonderful work.   Owen is a talker.  He has his eyes wide open . . . looking for an adventure.  He is sweet and cuddly.  Wonder how long […]

Valentines' Day Cupcakes


I drool over every, fancy cupcake book I see.  But, I know myself.  I don’t have the patience for REALLY cool cupcakes.  I make quick and easy cupcakes . . . maybe with a little twist.  Since it is nearing Valentines’ Day I decided that today was the today for the little food gifts.  I […]

Aprons Cinderella Would Love


I make no excuses for loving things that are impractical.  They are usually the things that have texture, color and cannot be easily justified.  Like Sunday Aprons. They are not really even useful, except to make a person feel absolutely beautiful when they are serving a casserole. I started by making a Sunday Apron for […]

Andrew: From Palm Trees to Pine Trees


When you are a kid and you live in Arizona, winter in Grandma’s backyard can be an adventure.  Especially today.  Trying to walk through the snow is only half of the battle.  Little feet keep crunching through, gloves get too wet to wear and the only solution seems to be to have daddy carry you.  […]

Tiny Valentines' Day Quilt

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You would think that from the way I prowl the quilting stores that I was a quilter.  I am not.  Not a real quilter.  I am a “tie-the-quilt” quilter but not without a desire to make something worth keeping.  That is why I made this little Valentines’ Day quilt.  This quilt says that I love […]

It Only Cost a Dollar

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Most people know about Michaels.  The craft store.  One 40% coupon each week.  Unless the thing you want is already on sale for 30%.  Then, you are out of luck.  They won’t do the math.  You can only use the 40% on something that isn’t on sale.  I have tried to figure out what their […]

The Quiet Comfort of Personal Space


I still remember trying to find some “personal space” in a small house full of children and their pets.  Just a little place for my sewing machine and fabric and things I wanted to file away.  I remember how wonderful it felt when I found that my sewing machine, in its cabinet, would fit in […]

Using Poster Calendars Over and Over


I have loved Linnea Poster Calendars from the moment I saw them.  The artwork is stunning.  They add such brightness to the kitchen, which is where I put them.  I have carefully tucked each package away at the end of each year.  Linnea retired.  Her daughter is following in her footsteps with a slightly different […]