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    Adding Symbolism to Family Photography

    My love of family history has caused me to look at many things differently.  I find myself looking for ways to record events that seem commonplace which are actually very symbolic.  When Clara, Lydia and George came to visit I had the perfect chance to try it again.  My favorite place for photographs of faces is in my little living room with large, north-facing windows.  I pull the blinds up to the top so that there are no stripes on the children and position them facing slightly toward the light.   Clara is sitting in my small, wooden, rocking chair and Lydia is kneeling beside her.  Clara is reading from the…

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    Who Am I ?

    Sometimes families live far away from each other.  It’s hard for little ones to keep track of their cousins and aunts and uncles.  I made this little book for Andrew and Owen who live hours and hours away from us.  They visit with their parents a couple of times a year and we visit them about the same number of times.  Talking on the telephone just isn’t quite the same. I bought the chipboard book on a discount table.  I printed out 4×6 photographs of each family member and made a pattern  which fit each square.  I traced the pattern on the back of the photographs with the face in…

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    Gymnastics for Afton

    Gymnastics for two-year-olds conjures up all kinds of images.  The least of them is discipline.  But I was wrong.  These little two-year-olds were wonderful.  You would have thought that they knew about the Olympics. One hour once a week at the Rec Center.  Rules include a mommy who stays with her little person at all times which means running around and chasing and sweating.  The mommys were as much fun to watch as the kids. Since Afton had, in the past, had little interest in following the rules, her mommy worried that I wouldn’t be able to get any fun pictures.  But Afton had a different view of things that…

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    Tell Me About It

    Now and then I stop and make a chipboard book.  Usually because I found new paper.  This book doesn’t have any words except “Tell Me About It” and “The End”.  Each page has something to talk about.  I thought that it would be fun to look at it with a little person and ask them to “tell me about it”. “Is that so?  Tell me about it.” -Grandma-

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    Little Felt Flowers

    “The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.” -Tennessee Williams- I thought that I would give the little felt flowers a try.  I  prowled around on the Internet to see what others had been doing.  So many styles and patterns and types of blossoms.   I didn’t want regular flowers, I wanted irregular flowers with petals of different shapes and sizes.  I wanted three-dimensional flowers.  And fat flowers.  I wanted chubby, healthy flowers.  I prowled around the Internet and stared at every flower I saw walking around on someone’s head or pinned to someone’s chest.  Then I bought some little pieces of felt.  At first I bought wool felt but…

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    Grandma Has a New Camera Lens

    Uh-oh.  I have a new camera lens.  I read up on it for weeks and weeks before I finally bought it.  Actually before I had the money for it.  It is a Canon 10-22 Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens.  It will take some getting used to.  It is used primarily for large panoramas and landscapes and people up-close and personal.  I have scoured the Internet for photographs people have taken with this lens.  I am excited ! It really won’t take the place of my regular lens but it will be so fun to try some creative things with willing or unwilling grandchildren.  I have already practiced on Grandpa and erased every photograph…