May 2011

Party Lights in Nothing Flat


Twinkle Button Lights Come in Every Color of the Rainbow. I Checked !   journal entry:   I had to get something out of the Valentines’ box last night and found these little pink lights which I had never opened.  For some reason, and I don’t remember why, I didn’t put lights on my mantle […]

Daily Planner with a Personal Touch


journal entry: Most women love planners.  Not people who plan but books called planners.  That is because women are always planning.  Planning on paper that is pretty or behind tabs that are funky is more fun that writing things down on a scrap of paper or in a regular notebook.  We all know that.  I […]

Necklace from Ribbon and Pearls

Bling Bling Bling     journal entry: I am about five years behind all of the creative people who have long posted their ideas on the Internet along with wonderful and helpful tutorials.  In fact, I can easily go into creativity overload when rummaging around for ideas.  I don’t necessarily try everything I like but […]

Lego Puzzles for Everyone

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  “This time when I say that I have eyes in the back of my head, it just might be true.” -Grandma-   journal entry: The minute I saw this idea I couldn’t try it fast enough.  The current issue of Family Fun Magazine showed how to make puzzles using Legos by gluing photographs on […]

Camera Strap Cover:  Shabby Chic


  journal entry: Changing the cover on my camera strap is really fun.  Since I lug the camera almost everywhere I go, I often have the camera around my neck.  Most of the previous strap covers I have made have been made from cotton fabric or chenille.  I bought this stretchy lace fabric to make […]

Funeral Photography

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journal entry: It seems that people have long underestimated the importance of “funeral” photography.  As my interest in Family History has deepened, I have  developed a great appreciation for it.  The death of those we love often brings together more living family members than does any other event.  Even weddings and the blessing of babies […]

T- Shirts for Grandchildren

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  journal entry: Memorial Day is coming fast.  And with it comes our family.  Sons and daughters and “in-laws” and grandchildren.  For many days.  That means lots of noise and food and mess and FUN.  All made better by bright and happy personalized shirts . . . made by me.   DON”T TELL. They are […]