June 2011

Lydia's Blanket

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journal entry: Lydia is one of those children who has a special blanket.  Actually it used to be a blanket but is no more.  It is a rag. Completely unrecognizable as the blanket it once was. Nevertheless, Lydia has cherished it for five years. Through all of its stages.  The sum total of her years […]

Sorter Boxes for Magazines

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  journal entry: Ahhh.  Sorting things.  One of my favorite pastimes.  I bought these cardboard sorter boxes at The Distribution Center. { The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints } The centers are open to the public.  They come flat and unassembled for one dollar each.  You simply tuck in the tabs on the bottom and […]

Blessing Jar

  journal entry:   I have made many blessing jars over the years.  For myself and for others.  That is because we forget how much we have been given.  How very blessed we are.  This Blessing Jar is made from a blue mason jar which I found at a second-hand store.  Because counting blessings reminds […]

Photography Favorites:  The Newspaper

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  journal entry:   It is easy to take a photograph of a face holding still and staring at you.  Not much of a story in that one.  My favorite photographs are storytelling photographs. Like this one.  A mother reading the newspaper with her children.  Talking about things.  Explaining things.  Pointing out the pictures and […]

Photography Favorites:  Holden

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  journal entry:   Oh, how I wish that I had been able to have a camera like I do today when my children were small. Think of all the faces and stages and special moments I could have recorded.  This is a wonderful time in which to live, especially with a nice camera in […]

Photography Favorites:  My Children


      journal entry: I love to take photographs of my grandchildren but what about their parents? Seldom are they all together.  Today there were four.  Just missing one. Wish he was here.You can see their kindness and goodness in their eyes and in their smiles and in their countenances.  All parents themselves, doing […]

Lunchables at Home

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  READY TO GO !     journal entry: Lunchables were a novelty when they first came out.  My grandchildren loved them and I loved them because they were easy and ready to go.  Over time, the novelty wore off but the need to have something already prepared did not.  Take this week-end.  Lots of […]