July 2011

Pin Cushions in Old Spoons


  journal entry: Silver spoons.  Perfect for tiny, delicate pin cushions. These spoons came from the second-hand store and were one dollar each.  Each one is different. I covered a small Styrofoam ball with wired rosette ribbon and attached the ball to the spoon with glue dots. In this case I tied a soft, pink […]

Pin Cushions and Fancy Pins


  journal entry:   When women used to sew all of the time, they had signature pin cushions. Some were plain and useful and others were like this one:  fancy and small. In other words generally useless as a functioning pin cushion but perfect as a non-essential little “something” sitting on a sewing table.  I […]

Family Group from Paper Scraps

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  journal entry:   We are always searching for our ancestors. Their stories and their clothing and their faces and their tools.  Their professions and their families. Their talents. Sometimes we follow clues but other times we barely know where to start. We can remedy that disappointment in our grandchildren’s futures but leaving keepsakes behind […]

I Love Cemeteries

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journal entry: It is impossible to compile and research family history without falling in love with cemeteries. Especially those where ancestors sleep. We discovered the burial places of many ancestors only recently. We discovered this mountain-top cemetery named Pleasant Green Cemetery only a few years ago. There we found Tom’s great-grandparents John and Rosella Jenkins. […]

Fourth of July

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journal entry: Everything we do today is the family history our descendants will cherish. That is why I take such delight in “storytelling” photographs. Photographs which capture more than a smiling face. Photographs which sneak up on personalities and special moments.   What a choice and beautiful land. How blessed we are.       […]

Organization: Pretty Labels

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journal entry: Pretty labels.  So fun.  Easy, too. Just a quick explanation.  This photograph was in one of my Picasa files along with others like it.  I added text in Picasa and printed the pages of labels on glossy photo paper. I liked the shininess.       Next I decided on the size each […]