August 2011

Organization:  Dividers and Tabs

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    journal entry: I am ready to admit that I love “getting organized” as much as I love “being organized”. I am sure that Dr. Laura could explain it to me. That said, I was ready to “re-organize” my clear stamps. For some time they have been in DVD cases on a revolving spindle. […]

Hat Pins with Nostalgia to Spare

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  “A hair jewelry auction was held in 1980 when Clive Marchent, who had been a hatpinologist for twenty-one years parted with his 2,000 “hatpins of filigree, fancy work, pique, simulated pique, mosaic, precious and semi-precious metals in both classical and Art Nouveau styles.”   From The History of Hat Pins -Aneau Roblaire-   journal […]

Canon 10-22 Lens:  FUN.FUN.FUN

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  journal entry: PRACTICE I have been practicing.  Over and over and over.  That is the beauty of digital technology.  I am trying to overcome my zoom lens habits and breathe like an ultra-wide angle photographer. Amateur photographer, that is. I have never been one to take photographs of scenery. I can’t see how it […]