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    Pumpkins: Paint or Carve ?

      journal entry:   We took pumpkins with us when we went for a visit. And paints. And glitter spray. And glow-in-the-dark paint. Mom had painting shirts handy and dad set up a table in the driveway. I poured the paint onto paper plates and stood back. Some children hurry when they paint and some never quite finish the first job. This pumpkin lover mixed his colors together and got the most beautiful shade of pink which he used to cover every square inch on his pumpkin. In layers. About ten. Who said pumpkins have to be orange?  Not me and certainly not children ! He wasn’t just sloshing the…

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    Pumpkins Are Ready

    journal entry: Music to my ears. The Pumpkins Are Ready ! That means lots of fun. Fun only children could think of in a pumpkin patch. It is especially fun to harvest pumpkins at the end of the day. When the evening light makes them glow.   Everyone knows you can’t just pick up a pumpkin and say that you have your pumpkin. You have to study each pumpkin with care. You have to talk about the shape and color and the stem. Whether the pumpkin will be a jack-o-lantern some day or a little munchkin in a bowl on the table, it takes a discerning eye to make the…

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    Apple Harvest

      journal entry: Everyone we know is talking about their fruit trees. Trees that are supported by sticks and boards because they are so heavy with fruit.  Bumper crops of everything. Apples. Peaches. Pears. The bounty actually makes me a little nervous.  Does it mean that next year will be lean? Grandpa took extra careful care of the apple trees this year. He sprayed every three weeks to keep the worms at bay. With a special solution he learned about from an old farmer neighbor. He dutifully wrote his spraying schedule on the calendar and stopped spraying when the apples were getting ready to eat.  The result of Grandpa’s hard…

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    Halloween Garland

    journal entry: Spooky stuff is really fun. Simple spooky stuff is even more fun. I cut these shapes with my Silhouette Cutting Machine. Spiders. Pumpkins. Bats. Cats.     I used my tiny hole punch to punch two holes in each piece. Then, I threaded a flexible black floral wire through the holes.  Here and there I added a bell.           BOO !