November 2011

Advent Calendar for Children

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  journal entry:   Ahhh . . . I finished the last magnetic advent calendar for this year.  Each calendar I made was more fun than the one before it !  I sprayed this magnet board with “snow” and quickly sprinkled glitter on it.  Then I took my finger while the board was wet and […]

Mayflower Ships


journal entry:   Who doesn’t know the name of the most famous Pilgrim ship. A “Great Ship” for its times. The Mayflower brought early settlers to the American Continent including some of our direct ancestors. I cut out these wonderful “little” ships with my Silhouette paper cutter and filled them with pretzels. They will be […]

Advent Calendar for Children

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journal entry:   I truly had little children in mind when I made this magnetic advent calendar for a special family I know. { a family with my grandchildren in it } It is bright and cheery and interesting !       It was such fun prowling around for the pieces of the calendar. […]

Advent Calendar for Little Hands

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  journal entry:   One for me and one for you. This advent calendar is a surprise for little, dainty, hands.  My personal keepsake calendar is covered with small and ornate things. This calendar has a little girl in mind ! Lots of super glue, extra magnets and a coat of sealer on every piece […]

Advent Calendar with a Sentimental Touch

journal entry:   It seems that each year I think about making an advent calendar. Think about it but don’t do it. I have long collected images of advent calendars others have made in an effort to gather ideas. Someday. That’s what I have said to myself.  Today is “someday”. I knew that I didn’t […]