December 2011

Bike Bags for Kids

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journal entry: Their daddy asked me if it would be easy to make a couple of bags to attach to the front of their bikes.  I said YES. I rifled through the scraps and mixed and matched. I made up a pattern, sewed it together, added Velcro to hold the straps over the handle bars […]

Matching Game: Things With Wheels !

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journal entry: “This and That” is a new category I have added to my blog. That is because sometimes an idea or a project really doesn’t take up a very big post but I still want to remember it. This matching game, named THINGS WITH WHEELS is one of those “this or that” posts. Quick […]

Almost Christmas

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journal entry: It just isn’t the same on Christmas Eve without little children around. They make everything so exciting. They love mysteries and surprises. They love to ask “if I guess right will you tell me what is in the package?” The answer has eternally been NO ! Little visits from family over the many […]

Quilts for Christmas

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    journal entry:   Perhaps you read the post for “Toy Bags and Teeny Tiny Cars”.  If you did then you know that after the two little boys I mentioned get through playing with their VERY FAST little cars, they will be tired. One can snuggle up with robots and the other with wild […]

Toy Bags and Teeny Tiny Cars

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journal entry:   Here is another CHRISTMAS SECRET !  DON’T TELL ! I know that posting these photographs might spoil the fun for the grown-ups but it keeps me current. This blog is, after all, my journal of things I like to do.  These little toy bags were fun and easy to make. Inside of […]

Bears Bears Bears :  Alice

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  journal entry:   Alice is a surprise for Lydia.  (I love you, Lyddie)  Lydia is five. I bought Alice many years ago. She sat around and lived in a box, traveled to other people’s houses but never did have any pretty clothes to speak of. Until now. I washed her and fluffed her fur […]

Bears Bears Bears:  Priscilla

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  journal entry: How did I keep track of things before I had a blog?  Every post is like writing a personal history. My history. My family’s history. Isn’t it wonderful? Bears for Christmas. Three little children and three different bears. Each complete with a personality and a wardrobe to match. Not only does each […]

Paper Mache' Christmas Cottages

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journal entry:   It used to be that most people had a Christmas Village. The village grew from year to year. Some villages lived on mantles. Some lived under Christmas trees on blankets of white snow. Some integrated miniature trains. Some lived on  top of pianos and some on small tables. I remember glitter houses. […]