January 2012

Valentine Cottage

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  Valentine’s Day.  Very fun. Used to be that children took Valentines around to their friends in the evening. They put the Valentine on the porch, rang the doorbell and hid. Sometimes boys tied strings to their Valentines and pulled them as their friends tried to pick them up. I don’t think that anyone does […]

Valentine's Day Skirt


  journal entry:   How about a combo skirt with panels of Victorian fabric and lots of lace and ribbon?  I love the ruffled skirts which are so popular right now. I made this skirt for Afton . . . in Valentine’s Day Colors !  It has an elastic waistband, which is hidden by a […]

quiet cars for church

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journal entry: Getting little people through church has always been a challenge. The clunk of a hot wheels car on the floor is a distinctive and familiar sound. These little activites are for Andrew, Owen and George.  I ran across the fabric in blue and red. It is covered with little cars and roads leading […]

Baby Carrier Cover

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journal entry: I hope that whomever invented baby carrier covers made a million dollars. They are so clever. You don’t even need a pattern. This cover is for Baby Boy Watrous . . . soon to be coming into the world.  I love the fabrics available at “quilt shops”.  They are so bright and clever […]

Bike Bags for Girls

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  journal entry: Last week it was bike bags for boys. This week it is bike bags for girls. The wonderful elephant fabric is from a local quilt shop. The bright tassel was a find in a discount basket. The bag ties to the handlebars with pink gross grain ribbon. It is lined with gray […]

Camera Strap Covers from Minky

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journal entry: This is a quick little post about camera strap covers.  I love them. I have made many for friends and family. They save the pain of a canvas strap digging into your neck. Covers made from “minky” fabric are especially wonderful.  And, they are super easy and fast to make. A fabric shop […]

Match the Robots Side to Side

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journal entry: I don’t know a boy or a boy-grown-into-a-man who doesn’t love robots. Old robots from the Flash Gordon days and new robots from the scientific laboratories.  From my robots and other space things folder of images I printed out 20 robots on 4×6 photo paper.  I mounted each on card stock with outer […]

Match the Dolls Head to Toe

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journal entry: I have long sighed over the beautiful dolls made by the German doll maker Zwergnase. Each year she adds new faces and clothing and hair and I think about which dolls I would buy if I was a trillionare. But since I’m not and don’t expect that to change, I have to content […]