March 2012

Aprons for Animals

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  Little girls love dress-ups. They love to dress-up little animals, too. I found several small pieces of fabric with an old-fashioned/vintage look and made teeny, tiny aprons for some playroom animals I know.     I made the ties nice and long for little fingers to work with and used bright and cheery colors. […]

Who Do You Think You Are ?

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  I know that “Who Do You Think You Are?” is a television program about ancestry. In fact, I think that it is wonderful. I’ll bet you that when you ask children that same question they will have many different answers. If they are playing this new game I made for Andrew, Owen and George […]

Cupcake Apron for Afton

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    “There is something so moving about a truly beautiful woman  cooking dinner for someone she loves.” -Thomas Wolfe-     Just a quick look at another little apron. This one will help Afton when she is cooking. She cooks often. Granted, it won’t keep her perfectly clean because it is called a “half […]

Easter Aprons for Little Girls

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“What will I do when my little granddaughters grow up and don’t want to wear little aprons? That will be a very sad day.” -Grandma- Today’s quilt shops are among my favorite places on earth. The patterns and prints are endless and the quality of the fabric is wonderful. I remember having an Easter dress made […]


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  “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” -Unknown-   I know two very talented ballerinas. They have ballet shoes and bouncy skirts and move with grace. They are three and five and their names are Afton and Lydia. So, when I ran across a beautiful picture of a ballerina, I started looking for […]

Match the Hats

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  “We just know inside that we are queens, and these are the crowns that we wear.” -Unknown-     This may be one of my favorite projects !  Really !  I have always loved hats but look horrible in them. I admire them on other people and remember a time in my childhood when […]

Paper Carrots

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   ” Only in dreams are carrots bigger than bears.” -Old Yiddish Saying- These are little carrot boxes which I downloaded to my Silhouette Cutting Machine library. Hard to see the carrot in them as shown above, but not hard to see in the picture below.   I reduced the size of the little box […]