April 2012

Easter Sunday Once Again

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  Easter Sunday. The most wonderful day. I cooked the ham and made the rolls. My daughters brought the rest of the meal. We ate and talked and tried to keep the children inside until everyone was finished. The boys kept looking out of the windows so that they could get a quick start when […]

Retro Kitchen Towels

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  “She was the life of the Tupperware Party.” -Goofy Retro Saying-   Retro is a funny word. Retro things often give me a “funny” feeling. I have to admit that I have had fun recently making some “retro” kitchen towels to share with family and friends and to hang in my own kitchen. My […]

Peat Pot Place Cards for Easter Dinner

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  Sunday is Easter and the ham is in my refrigerator. But how will people know where to sit? What a silly question. They will know because I will give them a hint. A peat pot hint. SO, SO quick and easy. Here are the parts: 4′ peat pots (12 for $2.69 at Smith’s Marketplace) […]

Super Powers Cape for Henry

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  Have you met Henry? You have missed something if you haven’t. Henry is my newest grandchild and he is a “keeper”. He may have a little challenge ahead of him while he is  still very small and so I thought that I would like to do something for Henry which had some symbolism. Why […]

 Stretchy Headbands with Floppy Flowers

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  Just a quick post for Easy Stretchy Headbands. These were SIMPLE and took so little fabric. They are for two little girls I know who LOVE to wear things in their hair. I love the pink band and the flowered band best because their flowers are FLOPPY and BOUNCY.  Each one stretches right on […]