August 2012

Sewing Basket Liner


  Many an evening I gather my supplies together and haul them from my hobby room to the big chair in the family room so that I can be “social”. One day I stared sideways at this large and old and heavy basket and thought it looked exactly like a sewing basket. A sewing basket-to-be. […]

Bright Little Quilt


  I am not a quilter. Not in the traditional sense. But, I am ready to try. Oh, I have made patched quilts which I have tied but I have not made a quilt which required serious machine stitching and a binding finished by hand. This small and bright “strip quilt” incorporated both principles and […]

Dress-Ups for Little Girls

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  I have a big plastic bin full of slinky, silky fabric scraps. Some are long and some are very long and some are wide and some could be a whole dress for a little girl. Hanging on the doorknob of the playroom are fairy wings in every color. They came from the dollar store. […]

Up-Cycled Curtains for the Playroom

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  I told Grandpa that the new word around town was “up-cycle”. He wondered if it was some sort of bike. No. I guess it is classier than “re-cycle”. He wondered if there was any difference in what you did with things or how or when if you called it by another name. No, I […]

Skirts for Cinderella


  Cinderella is coming next month. At least that is what her big brothers are calling her. Therefore, I made a couple of little skirts for Cinderella. Just in case her mother wanted something teeny and tiny and fancy for some early photographs. The first little skirt is a tutu. Rather than tie the strips […]

Photos-to-Canvas Housewarming Gift

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  I am a novice when it comes to putting photos-on-canvas. But, I am getting the hang of it. I have finally found my own mixture of things and techniques which suit me. I surprised my daughter with these canvas prints of her children for her new (completely remodeled) little bungalow which has cost her […]