November 2012

More Christmas Quilts 2012

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  Blogs Keep Track of Everyday Life   We all think that we will remember everything. Especially important things. I am here to tell you that it doesn’t work that way. I am constantly walking into a room and asking myself why I am there. After a minute or two I pull a “Sesame Street” […]

Little Tiny Shoes

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   Little Tiny Shoes   Not much to say about Little Tiny Shoes except that they are little and soft and fun to make. I cut the pattern from card stock after looking through the Internet for ideas. I don’t know what I will do when my favorite chenille runs out. I have nursed these […]

Easy Ballerina Muslin Doll

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  This project was just plain fun. The best part was getting glitter from the net on everything. It’s fun to leave it on your face when you leave the house and pretend you don’t know. Grandpa is forever saying to me “did you know that you have glitter on your face?” Well . . . […]

Christmas Quilts for One-and-All

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      Another Christmas Secret !  Don’t tell ! I started several months ago to make quilts for Christmas. Inspired by the oft-used phrase that“one can never have too many” of something . . . I decided to make a bunch of small quilts for little people to drag across the floor. It is pretty […]

Little Red Riding Hood

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   (Shhhhhhhh . . . don’t tell Clara. It’s a Christmas surprise.) Some stories never grow old. The story of Little Red Riding Hood is one of them. I still shudder at the idea of a little girl trotting off through the forest alone. Maybe things were safer then . . . or NOT! What […]