July 2013

Frozen Toys on a Hot Day

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  journal entry: Hooray for Pinterest !  This clever idea from its pins was a big hit at our family gathering.  I bought lots of different items which came in multiples at the Dollar Store and at Target. Instead of making a BIG block of ice and giving the kids hammers . . . (who […]

Snack Mix for Kids

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  journal entry: Snacks are part of a family get-together. This snack mix was yummy and it contained only a few pieces of candy. Parents are happy about that. They know far more about sugar buzzes and dentist bills than I do.  I have conveniently forgotten. *** I mixed this together the day before everyone […]

Lizards: Through Grandma's Eyes

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  journal entry: Now. Here is the thing about lizards. When my children were growing up, I worked hard to be emotionless when I was called upon to touch creepy things. I didn’t want my children to find reptiles scary the way I did. It was my obligation as a mother to welcome every strange […]

Why I Love My Cutting Garden

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  journal entry: Fresh flowers change everything. They soften things. They bring smells and colors into the house. In the spring we moved my cutting garden to a new location where it has more sun. The growing trees had, little by little, made the perennial flowers in the cutting garden struggle to grow. Grandpa prepared […]

The Shadow Puppet Show

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  I made shadow puppets for our Family Get-Together. (You can find the post on this blog as Shadow Puppets for Everyone) Here are pictures of the show. Grandpa used a metal garment rack to which he attached a white sheet. He used clamps from his garage. He put the rack and the sheet behind […]

Play Zone Ahead

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  PLAY ZONE AHEAD !   This is just a quick little post to share a quick and easy idea for parties and family get-togethers. This is my chalkboard easel from Hobby Lobby. (purchased with a 40% coupon) I cut the graphics in vinyl with my Silhouette Cutting Machine. Easy Shmeezy. It was easy to […]

Easy Chalkboard Art for Kids

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  I, too, am caught up in all of the wonderful “chalkboard” art that is everywhere.  At our recent family gathering, I gave each child a piece of black poster board and piled the chalk in a bowl in the middle. (Fat sidewalk chalk and skinny chalkboard chalk ) During the day, the children took […]

Big Bright Bowling Bottles

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  These are Dollar Tree Brightly–Colored Plastic Bottles. Andrew is filling them with sand. From the sandbox. The more sand each bottle holds . . . the harder it will be to knock over.       These bottles are only filled about an inch. Since the ball is light but large, bottles filled this […]