December 2013

Fleecy Weecy Hats

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  I know that fleece hats are everywhere and very popular. There is nothing special or unusual about mine I made some because I wanted to know how to do it.  Can’t believe I haven’t made them before !     I am terrible at following other people’s patterns and directions. I have found that […]

bookplates for Christmas

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  Because I love books, I love bookplates. I have collected them over the years but have never made my own. This Christmas I did. Long before Pinterest, I kept image files on my computer of things I wanted to save and remember. I have been particularly drawn to illustrations of the vintage or retro […]

touchy stuff

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Touchy Stuff. The stuff of toddler dreams.     I don’t know who the artist might be for this wonderful grandma with a butterfly on her nose.  I’ll bet there are more fun illustrations where this one came from. If YOU know, will you tell me?     I have yet to make a successful […]