December 2014

Pretty Pleasant Plump Plopping Pillow

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  journal entry: Easier than the last batch of cushions. For sure. This was Afton’s birthday cushion. I made it and she loved it. She plopped right down on it. That is the test. Two 36″ circles of duck fabric. One for the front and one for the back. Poly-fill. Lots of it. Sew right sides […]

Raccoons Celebrate Christmas, Too

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    journal entry: As I continued to prowl around for Bristle Animals for my new Christmas Nativity, I found two very angelic raccoons. Perhaps they didn’t look very angelic when I found them with their black masks and shiny, black eyes, and bushy, striped tails, but, by the time I added their very pretty curls and […]

Magical Christmas Trees

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  journal entry: Christmas Trees. Most people have one. Some trees are live and some are not. Ours is not. It is covered with ornaments that children love. Dinosaurs, snowmen, monkeys, frogs, camels, children, treasures, knights, robots. Chains of pearls and garlands of colored circles. Candy canes. This and that. Accumulated over years with one […]

Sailing Swans

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    journal entry: Swans. Swimming and sailing and sweeping through the sky. Companion print to the multiplying giraffes which is found on this site in another post. I wanted puffy and poofy. I wanted someone I love to feel that the swans in the clouds were holding her up. Finished and in her Christmas box. Flying […]

Quilting a Million Giraffes

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  journal entry: I dreamed about giraffes for weeks. They multiplied before my eyes. Every time I finished one, another appeared. That is how it seemed to me. Grandpa often asked if I was still working on the giraffes. Yes. Yes, I am. It was the most wonderful, whimsical fabric I had ever seen at […]

Watching Their Flocks by Night

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            journal entry:   We know there were shepherds watching over their flocks by night when the Angel of the Lord came before them and made them sore afraid. I don’t know how much those special lambs understood about their role in this wonderful, real-life Christmas play, but since a lamb has […]