July 2016

What Can We Do At Grandma's House ?

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journal entry: Most of us remember childhood fun with our cousins. Some memories are brighter than others and some are better embellished or forgotten. They are generally memories of parties with family, big and small, birthday cakes, games, running, sleeping out and playing in water. Adults rarely joined in but sat in summer chairs watching the children and […]

Harvest Lessons Once Again

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  journal entry: I have long had a favorite poem. It is titled Red Geraniums by Martha Haskell Clark. In its three verses is found a precious reminder. That reminder is to be thankful for everything, learn to enjoy simple things and see the spiritual in whatever comes.  Watching my family harvesting potatoes brought it to mind. The first […]

Dress-Ups for the Photo Booth

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  CLOTHES MAKE A STATEMENT. COSTUMES TELL A STORY. journal entry: Our family gathering is over for this year but the dress-up fun remains in photographs. Thrifted over many months, everything was goofy, bright and funky. Our grandchildren spent hours choosing their clothes, embellishing, prancing around and looking in the mirror. If you want to see unexpected personalities  give children dress-ups.     These […]

Gypsy Tents

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  journal entry:   Our row of poplars needed to be thinned. As I saw the long branches fall to the ground, I had a thought. It was the kind of thought that Grandpa wishes I wouldn’t have. It was the kind of thought that often means work for him. “Whatever you are thinking . . . […]