March 2017

Closet Clothes Lacing Cards

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  One of my favorite children’s books is The Hundred Dresses. It was first published in 1944 by the author Eleanor Estes and illustrated by Louis Slobodkin.  It is about a little girl who is very poor who tries to convince her friends that she has one hundred dresses in her closet. Of course, they […]

Rescuing Rosie

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  Rosie was smashed against the back of the shelf behind the trucks and castles. Her hair was tangled and had in it little sticks and pieces of grass That is how I knew that she had been playing outside. I wasn’t sure if all of the dirt would come off, even with a magic eraser […]

Silly Stuff Lacing Cards

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  Silly Stuff Lacing Cards Beautiful handmade dolls by Zwergase. I just love them. I can’t afford to collect them, however. So, I saved some pictures and made them into lacing cards for little people in my family. (The silly duck card is from Zazzle.) Every year, new dolls are made and introduced in a fashion […]

Dollie Faces Matching Game

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  I have come to know about Disney Animator Dolls. In case you don’t, they are dolls made for Disney princesses and movie characters. People buy them or thrift them as I have, repaint the eyes, re-do the hair and make specialized personalities for each doll via handmade clothing and accessories. By now, you who are […]