Apples From the Trees


Grandpa showed her how to choose the best apples. He also showed her how to pull one apple from the tree without pulling all of the poor apples around it. Those apples might not be ready yet.

They talked a lot about worms and why they like apples and what Grandpa had done to scare them away. But, because there were some apples with worm holes, Grandpa had to talk about worms that just weren’t afraid of anything. That caused Maya to think about the things she was afraid of. Everyone knew that she wasn’t afraid of worms.

Soon the bags were full. The horses watched and snorted and pawed the dirt behind the fence. They knew all about the apples. They didn’t even notice the worm holes. Maya picked up apples from under the trees and threw them over the fence.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that apples don’t just magically appear in the store and that Heavenly Father makes apples just the size of a little child’s hand.

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