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  People either love pears or they don’t. There is no middle ground. Little babies shiver and spit them out and rub them in their eyes with their little fists. They know they have been tricked. My mother used to make a little salad to go above each knife when she set the table for […]

Flea Market Style : Kitchen

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Lamps and Flower Pots I have always liked the “nesting” style of things grouped together. Thus, on one corner of my kitchen counter I put these two ceramic pots with the most beautiful little lamp I have ever seen. The pots were easy to find. They can be any place in the house because they are so neutral. (both […]

Snack Mix for Kids

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  journal entry: Snacks are part of a family get-together. This snack mix was yummy and it contained only a few pieces of candy. Parents are happy about that. They know far more about sugar buzzes and dentist bills than I do.  I have conveniently forgotten. *** I mixed this together the day before everyone […]

Juice Box Water Bottles

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  A quick post about juice-box-sized plastic bottles.  Getting ready for the grandchildren. Found these little bottles with straws built in 2 for $1.  I am going to make fish-shaped ice cubes out of juice and put them in the bottles. Then, I am going to plop them back into the freezer. When it is […]

Tiered Dishes Using Pottery

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  I LOVE the Asian Market. ( West Jordan, Utah ) It is a HUGE store filled with imports from China with everything from restaurant supplies to high-heeled shoes. I have bought beautiful scarves there and a large yellow leather bag which I use as a camera bag. It is a wonderful place to prowl […]

Unnecessary Plastic Items

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  When I was younger I used to enjoy the folk songs of Nancy Griffith. She had an odd little voice but somehow she pulled it off. I certainly never made a record. (For those under 30 a record has music on it. You need a record player with a diamond needle to hear the […]