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  People either love pears or they don’t. There is no middle ground. Little babies shiver and spit them out and rub them in their eyes with their little fists. They know they have been tricked. My mother used to make a little salad to go above each knife when she set the table for […]

Oli's Bed Quilt

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  WHEW ! Oli has a pretty bedroom. Oli has a very, pretty bed. Oli, who is a pretty girl, ¬†wondered if Grandma would make a quilt for her bed. “Why, yes,” said Grandma. Grandma had never made a quilt big enough to cover a whole bed. She had always made little snuggle quilts. She […]

Happy Birthday Hats

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  BIRTHDAY HATS   Quick and easy birthday hats. Dollar store funnels in bright colors come in a set of three. This is the largest of the three. The smaller two went into the Moon Sand. Add curly ribbon and sparkly tulle, topped by a funky, retro Happy Birthday Image.   Easy Shmeezy.