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Oli's Bed Quilt

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  WHEW ! Oli has a pretty bedroom. Oli has a very, pretty bed. Oli, who is a pretty girl, ¬†wondered if Grandma would make a quilt for her bed. “Why, yes,” said Grandma. Grandma had never made a quilt big enough to cover a whole bed. She had always made little snuggle quilts. She […]

Grocery List for the Forgetful

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  This is a personalized grocery list for the forgetful person. I am that person. I have quit saying that “I will remember that” or “I don’t need to write that down”. If you are a grandma and you are still saying those things, you are likely fibbing. I have made these magnetic fridge lists […]

Happy Birthday Hats

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  BIRTHDAY HATS   Quick and easy birthday hats. Dollar store funnels in bright colors come in a set of three. This is the largest of the three. The smaller two went into the Moon Sand. Add curly ribbon and sparkly tulle, topped by a funky, retro Happy Birthday Image.   Easy Shmeezy.