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Frog Planter Pincushion

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        ” In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel –     This little froggy is the size of a large salad plate. He was born to be a planter but his destiny appears to be that of a pin cushion. He sits very quietly next to […]

Fancy Little Knobs

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journal entry: Two words that are difficult to say together. Especially quickly. Odd knobs. Odd knobs. Odd knobs. But odd knobs aren’t difficult to find or difficult to love. Of course you can replace ordinary knobs with odd knobs or add odd knobs to crafts or use them as hooks anywhere you might have used […]

Organization: Pretty Labels

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journal entry: Pretty labels.  So fun.  Easy, too. Just a quick explanation.  This photograph was in one of my Picasa files along with others like it.  I added text in Picasa and printed the pages of labels on glossy photo paper. I liked the shininess.       Next I decided on the size each […]

Sorter Boxes for Magazines

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  journal entry: Ahhh.  Sorting things.  One of my favorite pastimes.  I bought these cardboard sorter boxes at The Distribution Center. { The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints } The centers are open to the public.  They come flat and unassembled for one dollar each.  You simply tuck in the tabs on the bottom and […]

File Box Make-Over in One Hour

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This is a just a quick look at quick project.  This wooden box was white.  It is my “idea file”.  I have been trying to “think outside of the box” (so to speak) when it comes to color.  I tend to choose muted tones but lately I have tried some bright alternatives.  Mixed this and […]