Halloween Garland

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journal entry: Spooky stuff is really fun. Simple spooky stuff is even more fun. I cut these shapes with my Silhouette Cutting Machine. Spiders. Pumpkins. Bats. Cats.     I used my tiny hole punch to punch two holes in each piece. Then, I threaded a flexible black floral wire through the holes.  Here and […]

Organization:  Dividers and Tabs

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    journal entry: I am ready to admit that I love “getting organized” as much as I love “being organized”. I am sure that Dr. Laura could explain it to me. That said, I was ready to “re-organize” my clear stamps. For some time they have been in DVD cases on a revolving spindle. […]

Family Group from Paper Scraps

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  journal entry:   We are always searching for our ancestors. Their stories and their clothing and their faces and their tools.  Their professions and their families. Their talents. Sometimes we follow clues but other times we barely know where to start. We can remedy that disappointment in our grandchildren’s futures but leaving keepsakes behind […]

Organization: Pretty Labels

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journal entry: Pretty labels.  So fun.  Easy, too. Just a quick explanation.  This photograph was in one of my Picasa files along with others like it.  I added text in Picasa and printed the pages of labels on glossy photo paper. I liked the shininess.       Next I decided on the size each […]

Funeral Photography

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journal entry: It seems that people have long underestimated the importance of “funeral” photography.  As my interest in Family History has deepened, I have  developed a great appreciation for it.  The death of those we love often brings together more living family members than does any other event.  Even weddings and the blessing of babies […]

File Box Make-Over in One Hour

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This is a just a quick look at quick project.  This wooden box was white.  It is my “idea file”.  I have been trying to “think outside of the box” (so to speak) when it comes to color.  I tend to choose muted tones but lately I have tried some bright alternatives.  Mixed this and […]

Chicks are Pink

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{ this grandma blog is a fun way to communicate with grandchildren who live far-away. i can tell a story without being there and send the book along in the mail}     The little nest was filled with chicks when Lydia found it.  Pink chicks.  She carefully re-arranged them in the nest to be […]

Kissing Frogs

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One of my favorite things about living now is the digital camera.  Who would have thought I would have so much fun with one ?  I can tell tiny tales with photographs  ’till the cows come home.  My grandma Clara used to say that. My granddaughter Clara is a princess through and through.  Every princess […]