touchy stuff

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Touchy Stuff. The stuff of toddler dreams.     I don’t know who the artist might be for this wonderful grandma with a butterfly on her nose.  I’ll bet there are more fun illustrations where this one came from. If YOU know, will you tell me?     I have yet to make a successful […]

Retro Kitchen Towels

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  “She was the life of the Tupperware Party.” -Goofy Retro Saying-   Retro is a funny word. Retro things often give me a “funny” feeling. I have to admit that I have had fun recently making some “retro” kitchen towels to share with family and friends and to hang in my own kitchen. My […]

Cupcake Apron for Afton

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    “There is something so moving about a truly beautiful woman  cooking dinner for someone she loves.” -Thomas Wolfe-     Just a quick look at another little apron. This one will help Afton when she is cooking. She cooks often. Granted, it won’t keep her perfectly clean because it is called a “half […]

Lunchables at Home

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  READY TO GO !     journal entry: Lunchables were a novelty when they first came out.  My grandchildren loved them and I loved them because they were easy and ready to go.  Over time, the novelty wore off but the need to have something already prepared did not.  Take this week-end.  Lots of […]