Little Mermaid


My little granddaughter asked me to make a mermaid costume for her. ( Gulp )

Immediately my mind went to the problem of the mermaid’s tail. Or fins. I told her I would LOVE to make a mermaid costume for her. Then I prowled the Internet for ideas.

I found this shiny and slinky fabric at JoAnn’s along with the fringe which I sewed around the top of the leotard/costume.

I made my pattern out of card stock and made the tail/fins first. I stuffed the tail really full of fluffy stuff so that the tail was very obvious.

I sewed the fringe/seaweed to a little black leotard and found black tights for her legs. The headband was easy as pie and the necklace looked like colored pearls from the bottom of the ocean floor.




 “I have great respect for Mermaids. Everything they do is very difficult

and they are expected to be perfectly beautiful,

even with wet hair.”


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  1. Mom this is so cute! Afton loves being a mermaid and is such a little goof when it comes to pictures lately. You got some really good shots!! Thank you!

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