Color Sorting As Fast As You Can

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(Family Gathering Activity Preview) Plastic containers from the dollar store, large colored buttons from JoAnn’s and a thrifted kitchen timer borrowed from the playroom stove. That’s it. These are easy for the little fingers of tiny people who no longer put buttons in their mouths. Six containers of six different colors with wide slits in the […]

Give it a Rest:  Fidget Toys

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( Family Gathering Activity Preview ) When I was a young mother, a fidget toy was anything you handed to your child to distract him and keep him quiet. In church it was a book or a piece of paper and a pencil. In the car it might have been something from your purse or a cracker. Then, […]

Small Worlds Sensory Bins

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(Family Gathering Activity Preview) Some things can be overdone but I am here to say that I have “bought in” to the whole idea of sensory stuff. I have watched upset children calm down when their little fingers came in contact with something soft, squishy, bumpy, warm or textured. I was actually very relaxed myself by the time […]

Summer Puppets:   What a Zoo !

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( lady snail ) The Little Turtle Vachel Lindsay There was a little turtle. He lived in a box. He swam in a puddle. He climbed on the rocks. He snapped at a mosquito. He snapped at a flea. He snapped at a minnow and he snapped at me. He caught the mosquito. He caught […]