Quincy’s mother asked me to make her Blessing Dress. Gulp. 

I looked at pictures and finally made my own pattern because I wanted to make something I couldn’t find. I wanted three ruffles for the skirt and a wide ribbon just under her arms. I wanted little puffy sleeves and lace.

Quincy was a very good sport. She let us dress her the day before her Blessing Day so that I could take a few pictures . . . and her mother was very gracious . . .( whether it was exactly what she had hoped for or not) she made me feel like I had made Cinderella’s dress.

Actually, Quincy was Cinderella until she was born. That’s what her big brothers called her and Quincy’s parents wondered how they would ever replace the familiar name with the chosen name. I actually haven’t heard Quincy called Cinderella even once except by me when referring to her dress. I have heard her brothers call her “my Quincy” as they plant slobbery kisses on her face and little, chubby fingers.

Quincy Kate you look wonderful !





(When Quincy’s mother pulled out these little leather slippers . . . my heart fluttered.)

Perfect !  Just perfect.

“I am a child of God


He has sent me here.”

-Primary Song-

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  1. Sandy, Quincy’s dress, photographs and your words are all perfect. Thank you for everything you do for Lindsay, Tim and the children. Much love, Linda

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