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Frozen Toys on a Hot Day

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  journal entry: Hooray for Pinterest !  This clever idea from its pins was a big hit at our family gathering.  I bought lots of different items which came in multiples at the Dollar Store and at Target. Instead of making a BIG block of ice and giving the kids hammers . . . (who […]

The Shadow Puppet Show

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  I made shadow puppets for our Family Get-Together. (You can find the post on this blog as Shadow Puppets for Everyone) Here are pictures of the show. Grandpa used a metal garment rack to which he attached a white sheet. He used clamps from his garage. He put the rack and the sheet behind […]

Easy Chalkboard Art for Kids

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  I, too, am caught up in all of the wonderful “chalkboard” art that is everywhere.  At our recent family gathering, I gave each child a piece of black poster board and piled the chalk in a bowl in the middle. (Fat sidewalk chalk and skinny chalkboard chalk ) During the day, the children took […]

Kitchen Sink Wind Chimes

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I love wind chimes. Not the noisy kind that sound like Big Ben but wind chimes with some personality and pleasant, soft, interesting, unusual sounds.   I have seen wind chimes made from painted tin cans but I wanted something with a little more variety for my grandchildren to make. I made this wind chime […]