"What Would You Do?"

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“What Would You Do If It Happened to You?” That is the question I wanted answered. I also wanted to have fun with little, original poems.   I began by collecting images of funny animals from all over the Internet. I saved the images to Picasa. I wrote my little poems below each image where it says “caption”. […]

Aprons for Animals

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  Little girls love dress-ups. They love to dress-up little animals, too. I found several small pieces of fabric with an old-fashioned/vintage look and made teeny, tiny aprons for some playroom animals I know.     I made the ties nice and long for little fingers to work with and used bright and cheery colors. […]

Who Do You Think You Are ?

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  I know that “Who Do You Think You Are?” is a television program about ancestry. In fact, I think that it is wonderful. I’ll bet you that when you ask children that same question they will have many different answers. If they are playing this new game I made for Andrew, Owen and George […]

The Little Hedgehog Finds a Friend

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(This tiny tale is a Christmas surprise. SO, DON’T YOU TELL !  Two hedgehogs are in the mail to two little granddaughters.  When they get them, they can hold them while their mommy or daddy reads this story to them. Oh, I love December !) The Little Hedgehog Finds a Friend (A Tiny Tale from […]

Have You Ever Seen a Giraffe's Tongue?

“Whatever is in the heart will come up to the tongue.” -Proverb- journal entry: I love the Phoenix Zoo.  Everything seems to be in a natural state . . . except this “ham”.  She is a character who loves to have her picture taken.  I thought she actually smiled a time or two.  Did you […]