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I Can't Hear You !

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 journal entry: It is simply amazing how many children cannot hear single word that is spoken to them. Sometimes they cannot even hear a yell or a loud voice. They are very good at saying “what?” with a serious look or “I didn’t hear you” or “were you talking to me?”  It is at times […]

Chicks are Pink

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{ this grandma blog is a fun way to communicate with grandchildren who live far-away. i can tell a story without being there and send the book along in the mail}     The little nest was filled with chicks when Lydia found it.  Pink chicks.  She carefully re-arranged them in the nest to be […]

Kissing Frogs

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One of my favorite things about living now is the digital camera.  Who would have thought I would have so much fun with one ?  I can tell tiny tales with photographs  ’till the cows come home.  My grandma Clara used to say that. My granddaughter Clara is a princess through and through.  Every princess […]

Who Am I ?

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Sometimes families live far away from each other.  It’s hard for little ones to keep track of their cousins and aunts and uncles.  I made this little book for Andrew and Owen who live hours and hours away from us.  They visit with their parents a couple of times a year and we visit them […]

Tell Me About It

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Now and then I stop and make a chipboard book.  Usually because I found new paper.  This book doesn’t have any words except “Tell Me About It” and “The End”.  Each page has something to talk about.  I thought that it would be fun to look at it with a little person and ask them […]

She Said What ?

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“A characteristic of a normal child is that she doesn’t act that way very often.” -Author Unknown- journal entry: I have come to realize that the things I encourage my children to do for their children are the things I should have done but didn’t and wish that I had.   Every time a child says […]