Rescuing Rosie

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  Rosie was smashed against the back of the shelf behind the trucks and castles. Her hair was tangled and had in it little sticks and pieces of grass That is how I knew that she had been playing outside. I wasn’t sure if all of the dirt would come off, even with a magic eraser […]

Small Thrifted Playroom Dollies

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  A while ago I posted about dolls I had thrifted for my playroom. That post was about BIG dolls and their thrifted clothes. This post is about small dolls. I have tried to find dolls with unusual faces and chubby bodies. The two little boys in front and the dark skinned baby behind them […]

Match the Dolls Head to Toe

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journal entry: I have long sighed over the beautiful dolls made by the German doll maker Zwergnase. Each year she adds new faces and clothing and hair and I think about which dolls I would buy if I was a trillionare. But since I’m not and don’t expect that to change, I have to content […]

Mary the Muslin Doll


“Mary had a little lamb, it’s fleece was white as snow; and everywhere that Mary went, her lamb was sure to go.” -Nursery Rhyme- journal entry: The world is full of wonderful dolls.  In fact some are so real that they ought to be able to cry. My Tiny Tears doll cried real tears. With […]

Two More Christmas Treasures

“Oh . . . for the good-old-days when people would stop Christmas shopping when they ran out of money.” -Author Unknown- journal entry: These are two old Christmas friends.  They sit under the Christmas Tree.  Above is a sweet and very detailed gnome made by Nettie.  I bought her at a boutique over twenty years […]

Shhhhhhhh . . . Guardian Angels For Christmas.

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“We trust in plumed procession For such the angels go – Rank after Rank, with even feet- And uniforms of Snow. -Emily Dickinson- journal entry: These angels are a secret.  No ordinary angels . . . they are specially-trained Guardian Angels.  Their job is to watch over.  Usually, children.  I know two, little girls who […]