Felt Bunnies by Hand

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  Wouldn’t our ancestors laugh at us if they heard us say “made by hand” . . . like it was such a great accomplishment. They didn’t know there was any other way. WE ARE SPOILED. (because we have the time to make little felt rabbits and we don’t need the supplies for something else […]

Vintage Easter Blocks

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  I have been on a “block thing” lately. I thought that I would just buy a couple of little bags of blocks at the craft store to make some puzzles. Well, one thing led to another and soon I was buying lengths of wood for Grandpa to cut with the saw. Cutting blocks yourself […]

Easter Sunday Once Again

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  Easter Sunday. The most wonderful day. I cooked the ham and made the rolls. My daughters brought the rest of the meal. We ate and talked and tried to keep the children inside until everyone was finished. The boys kept looking out of the windows so that they could get a quick start when […]

Peat Pot Place Cards for Easter Dinner

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  Sunday is Easter and the ham is in my refrigerator. But how will people know where to sit? What a silly question. They will know because I will give them a hint. A peat pot hint. SO, SO quick and easy. Here are the parts: 4′ peat pots (12 for $2.69 at Smith’s Marketplace) […]

Easter Aprons for Little Girls

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“What will I do when my little granddaughters grow up and don’t want to wear little aprons? That will be a very sad day.” -Grandma- Today’s quilt shops are among my favorite places on earth. The patterns and prints are endless and the quality of the fabric is wonderful. I remember having an Easter dress made […]

Paper Carrots

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   ” Only in dreams are carrots bigger than bears.” -Old Yiddish Saying- These are little carrot boxes which I downloaded to my Silhouette Cutting Machine library. Hard to see the carrot in them as shown above, but not hard to see in the picture below.   I reduced the size of the little box […]

Chicks are Pink

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{ this grandma blog is a fun way to communicate with grandchildren who live far-away. i can tell a story without being there and send the book along in the mail}     The little nest was filled with chicks when Lydia found it.  Pink chicks.  She carefully re-arranged them in the nest to be […]

Easter Garland from Paper Scraps

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This was an easy-easy Easter Garland to make because I used my Silhouette Cutting Machine.  It helped me to make the connected rabbits, chicks and duckies. I cut the leaves by hand.  These were my supplies: card stock paper scraps white floral wire beads ink pad for distressing glue dots itsy hole punch I would […]

Through Grandma's Eyes: The Jelly Bean

“If your picture’s not good enough . . . you’re not close enough.” -Ansel Adams- journal entry: On Easter Sunday little Afton couldn’t believe her good fortune.  Instead of taking away all of the things she found around the floor . . . everyone was eating the things they found on the floor.  The little […]