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    Quilts for Snuggle Time

      journal entry: Everyone is coming.  Tied them on the kitchen table and bound them by hand. Started months ago since I am not as productive as I would like to be and need more time than I used to. Ended up with 20 finished quilts, designed for evening snuggle time after a long day of cousins, sunshine and water. From my digital illustration collection, I created unique fabric labels. I used some of my favorite illustrations for these labels.  (my use only-not for sale) Then, I made a collage of the labels and printed them out at home on printable fabric. I followed the color-fast instructions and sewed them on…

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    Is It Christmas Without Quilts for Dollys ?

      journal entry: How can it possibly be Christmas without quilts for the dollys ? This may have been one of my most delightful Christmas projects ever. Dolly Quilts. For little, tiny people. I mostly used scraps and in the case of the quilt above, I cut up a pillowcase which already had a ruffle on it. From it I made two dolly pillowcases and used the rest for parts of two, different quilts.     For this quilt, I placed blue painter’s tape diagonally on the quilt, with it’s batting and back in place and sewed on either side of each piece of tape with my regular sewing machine using a regular stitch.…

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    Funky Stuff Primary Colors Quilt

    ” Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.” -William James- This funky quilt needed a funky label. This illustration by the wonderful illustrator Yaniv was perfect. I have several Yaniv illustrations saved on my computer in Picasa. They are such happy and interesting illustrations and most are made out of itsy bitsy paper scraps . . . much like a mosaic. I added the text and printed the labels on an ink jet computer fabric sheet. I prefer to sew the labels onto the quilt rather than iron them on. It was easy to sew the label on three sides, stuff it and finish up the end.…

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    Bike Bags for Girls

      journal entry: Last week it was bike bags for boys. This week it is bike bags for girls. The wonderful elephant fabric is from a local quilt shop. The bright tassel was a find in a discount basket. The bag ties to the handlebars with pink gross grain ribbon. It is lined with gray and white polka-dots. Elastic at the top helps to hold things inside. I never miss a chance to use my embroidered sewing labels.  Little things do matter. Especially little things we do for someone we love. (this is for you, Afton)   “Little by little does the trick.” -Aesop-    

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    Tag. You’re It !

    “Perhaps one has to be very old before one learns to be amused rather than shocked.” -Pearl S. Buck- journal entry: Well, I’m amused how many fun tags I have but you might be shocked.  I must be older than you are.  Over time I have come to love one particular Etsy shop called “iluvdesign”.  Its wonderful owner and designer, Eunice, has customized some of her artwork into these bright and funky cards and tags.  I use them many ways.  I tie them on gifts.  I make them into fabric labels.  I add them to the “Remember Me” books I make.  They appear on pincushions, bean bags, photo journals, sewing…

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    Tags and Labels

    “Think left and think right, think low and think high, Oh, the things you can think of if only you try.” Dr. Suess journal entry: Well, Dr. Suess.  I have searched high and low for unique labels to sew into my projects.  I have found nice labels . . . but not the kind of labels that I had in my head.  So, Dr. Suess . . . I tried !  I found many little pictures in cards, books and in other places.  I created a master of each label just the way I wanted it.  I wanted big and small, round and square, silly and serious, funky and feminine. …

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    Sunday Apron Fabric Label

    “If nothing is going well, call your grandmother !” -Italian proverb- journal entry: Everything is going well . . . for me. I am very grateful for that.  I don’t know about everyone else.  actually . . . I do know about some people and wish all would be well for them too. I know that I love to finish an apron with a handmade label.  Why did it take me so long to figure it out?  I do get tired of the same things.  Now i have many labels.  Some are pretty.  Some are funky.  Some are small and some are large.  Some are pale and some are bright.…

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    Finger Towel Toddler Bib

    “You too, my mother, read my rhymes for love of unforgotten times, And you may chance to hear once more, the little feet along the floor.” -Robert Louis Stevenson- journal entry: It is true.  When I make things for my grandchildren I think about my  own children when they were the same ages. I do miss their little squishy bodies and the  innocence and love in their eyes.  Not that they don’t show love in their eyes today.  They do.  But innocence is a difficult thing to hold on to.  Life is for gaining experience and to do that . . . some innocence must go. I do not think…

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    Labels and Tags for Everything

    “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s eyes there are few.” -Suzuki- journal entry: What a weakness I have for labels.  I love address labels, fabric labels, gift labels, book labels, labels for files, labels for closets, labels for drawers, labels for the playroom, labels for the pantry. I made these masters of labels which I use to make both fabric labels and gift tags.  Rather than buying labels which are all the same, I used everything I could find to create labels which are all different. I made a color copy at home onto fabric sheets for ink jet printers and a copy onto…

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    Sunday Aprons

    “Be content to remember that those who can make an omelet  properly can do nothing else.” -Author Unknown- journal entry: What is it about Sunday Aprons that makes a woman’s heart go pitter patter  and give a little flutter ?It must be a longing to be a lady.  Being a lady is a trick in this world today, at least as I remember what it is to be a lady.  It isn’t held in high regard it seems.  Many people I have met lately . . . with an interest in aprons, have wanted one of these very feminine, completely impractical aprons.  Impractical because they are designed to be pretty…