End-of-Summer Flowers

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   journal entry: It takes an entire summer to grow flowers. When they are at their peak . . . fall sneaks in.  That is why I am cutting like crazy and enjoying them in the house. I really didn’t expect much this season. In the spring we moved the cutting garden perenials from what […]

Why I Love My Cutting Garden

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  journal entry: Fresh flowers change everything. They soften things. They bring smells and colors into the house. In the spring we moved my cutting garden to a new location where it has more sun. The growing trees had, little by little, made the perennial flowers in the cutting garden struggle to grow. Grandpa prepared […]

Burlap Door Decor

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    Burlap. Old, brown and stinky. Ahhhh . . . not so, anymore !  Burlap has become beautiful. Just last week I found yellow, red, blue, robin-egg blue, pink, orange, three shades of brown, black and a myriad of selections with black designs on them. Chevrons. Lots with different colors of chevrons.  Oh.  And […]

Little Felt Flowers

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“The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.” -Tennessee Williams- I thought that I would give the little felt flowers a try.  I  prowled around on the Internet to see what others had been doing.  So many styles and patterns and types of blossoms.   I didn’t want regular flowers, I wanted irregular flowers with […]

My Garden Flowers Through a Macro Lens


“Nature composes some of her most lovely poems for the microscope and the telescope.” -Theodore Roszak- journal entry: Now I know that there is a hidden world which can only be appreciated through a macro lens.  I am not one to take many pictures of things without people.  Just seems like down the road those […]

Grandma's Cutting Garden

“Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed.” -Walt Whitman- journal entry: It is about this time of year that I love my cutting garden the most.  It is simply one long row of perennials planted alongside a fence.  The daisies bloom first but not far behind are […]