Apple Harvest

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  journal entry: Everyone we know is talking about their fruit trees. Trees that are supported by sticks and boards because they are so heavy with fruit.  Bumper crops of everything. Apples. Peaches. Pears. The bounty actually makes me a little nervous.  Does it mean that next year will be lean? Grandpa took extra careful […]


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Whenever I look at Owen, the poems of Eugene Field begin to play in my mind.  I am sure that it was children like Owen who inspired his wonderful work.   Owen is a talker.  He has his eyes wide open . . . looking for an adventure.  He is sweet and cuddly.  Wonder how long […]

It Only Cost a Dollar

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Most people know about Michaels.  The craft store.  One 40% coupon each week.  Unless the thing you want is already on sale for 30%.  Then, you are out of luck.  They won’t do the math.  You can only use the 40% on something that isn’t on sale.  I have tried to figure out what their […]

Harvesting Potatoes With Grandpa

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“There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings, as now, in October.” -Nathaniel Hawthorne- journal entry: Grandpa likes to wait for help.  This kind of help.  He thinks that harvesting from the garden or the trees is a million times […]

Painting Pumpkins

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“Grandpa, look at our hands.  They’re the same !” -Holden and Grandpa Painting Pumpkins- journal entry: It is October.  Pumpkins are ready.  All are harvested and lined up in the garden.  Children have opinions about pumpkins.  Once they have picked their favorites, I get out the paint and the glitter glue.  Grandpa remains in charge […]

The Doll House


“A place for everything, and everything in its place.” -Benjamin Franklin- journal entry: Grandpa made it for his youngest daughter when she was about this age.  We had little money to spend and so it was quite simple.  He kept it open on both sides since he had two little daughters who might want to […]