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    Pumpkins: Paint or Carve ?

      journal entry:   We took pumpkins with us when we went for a visit. And paints. And glitter spray. And glow-in-the-dark paint. Mom had painting shirts handy and dad set up a table in the driveway. I poured the paint onto paper plates and stood back. Some children hurry when they paint and some never quite finish the first job. This pumpkin lover mixed his colors together and got the most beautiful shade of pink which he used to cover every square inch on his pumpkin. In layers. About ten. Who said pumpkins have to be orange?  Not me and certainly not children ! He wasn’t just sloshing the…

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    Halloween Garland

    journal entry: Spooky stuff is really fun. Simple spooky stuff is even more fun. I cut these shapes with my Silhouette Cutting Machine. Spiders. Pumpkins. Bats. Cats.     I used my tiny hole punch to punch two holes in each piece. Then, I threaded a flexible black floral wire through the holes.  Here and there I added a bell.           BOO !

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    Happy Halloween to the Neighbors

    EAT, DRINK AND BE SCARY ! -Unknown- journal entry: Most holidays contain too much sugar.  Not the holidays but the holiday food.  I try to be a little early in taking things around.  Just to be kind to stomachs and to parents who are frantic to avoid another sugar buzz.  Generally the frosting is where most of the sugar is hiding. That is why kids eat it first and before they have even eaten the cupcake they look around for another cupcake with more frosting.  So, instead of LOTS of frosting, I put a little. Living at a high altitude as I do is wonderful.  Rather than 24 cupcakes from…

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    Come In for a Spell !

    “Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.” -JK Rowley from Harry Potter- journal entry: This little witch wants you to come in for spell.  Wonder what kind of spell?  She is cute.  Don’t remember where she came from but I suspect that it was love at first sight.  She has been repaired a time or two and her paint has been touched up.   From year to year I change the ribbon around her neck and the raffia which gets blown around by the autumn winds.  Just another example of someone’s creativity . . . not mine . . . which…

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    Years and Years of Spooky Things

    “Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen; Voices whisper in the trees:  Tonight is Halloween.” -Unknown- journal entry: I am quite sentimental about a lot of things.  I have collected a few Halloween decorations from “I don’t remember where.”  It can be hard to figure out what to keep over a lifetime.  When I get the Halloween box out each year,the contents are like old friends.  Take these pumpkins, for example.  (don’t really take them)  I have had them for years and years.  They are made out of paper mache’.  They usually sit on the mantle with other pumpkin friends along with a pumpkin patch sign.   I am sure…

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    Painting Pumpkins

    “Grandpa, look at our hands.  They’re the same !” -Holden and Grandpa Painting Pumpkins- journal entry: It is October.  Pumpkins are ready.  All are harvested and lined up in the garden.  Children have opinions about pumpkins.  Once they have picked their favorites, I get out the paint and the glitter glue.  Grandpa remains in charge of the knife.  Painting pumpkins is messy business. Craft paints, paper plates, glitter and glue. Aprons and wet wipes and no fear of squishy things. “Peter, Peter pumpkin eater had a wife and couldn’t keep her Put her in a pumpkin shell, and there he kept her very well.” -Old Nursery Rhyme- {have you ever…

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    Funky Fluffy Fancy Trick-or-Treat Bag

    “At the first cock crow the ghosts must go back into their graves below.” -Author Unknown- journal entry: I know that this a world of blog tutorials.  I can’t make tutorials because I am just making it up as I go.  I can share ideas.  I can keep track of my own ideas.  That is why this blog is so great for me.  It is an idea keeper.  Beginning tomorrow it is officially Halloween.  That means that it is okay to decorate.  It is okay to make treats.  And costumes.  How about a funky and fancy trick-or-treat bag for the very discerning goblet or goblin?  This is for a little…

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    Tiny Pumpkin Person

    “If the pumpkin fits – wear it.” -Anyone- journal entry: I didn’t have a blog when I took these photographs of a new little pumpkin.  I don’t mean the orange pumpkin with the stem.  I mean the human one.  Even grandmas can take fun, staged photographs when a baby is involved.  Babies can’t object.  Well, they can object but they can’t get up and walk away.  Since little Afton was just a couple of weeks old, she was sleeping quite a bit and loved the feel of soft and fluffy things on her skin.  She didn’t like to be uncovered very long.  Her mommy bought the “babies gone batty” onesie…