Slack Line Stuff

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  journal entry: This activity was a hit at our recent family gathering. Brett is the King and the slack line belongs to him but there were many who were ready and almost able to knock him off his pedestal. ( or knock him off of his line ) You would have thought that this was serious stuff by […]

Photos-to-Canvas Housewarming Gift

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  I am a novice when it comes to putting photos-on-canvas. But, I am getting the hang of it. I have finally found my own mixture of things and techniques which suit me. I surprised my daughter with these canvas prints of her children for her new (completely remodeled) little bungalow which has cost her […]

Easter Sunday Once Again

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  Easter Sunday. The most wonderful day. I cooked the ham and made the rolls. My daughters brought the rest of the meal. We ate and talked and tried to keep the children inside until everyone was finished. The boys kept looking out of the windows so that they could get a quick start when […]

Almost Christmas

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journal entry: It just isn’t the same on Christmas Eve without little children around. They make everything so exciting. They love mysteries and surprises. They love to ask “if I guess right will you tell me what is in the package?” The answer has eternally been NO ! Little visits from family over the many […]

Apple Harvest

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  journal entry: Everyone we know is talking about their fruit trees. Trees that are supported by sticks and boards because they are so heavy with fruit.  Bumper crops of everything. Apples. Peaches. Pears. The bounty actually makes me a little nervous.  Does it mean that next year will be lean? Grandpa took extra careful […]

Photography Favorites:  The Newspaper

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  journal entry:   It is easy to take a photograph of a face holding still and staring at you.  Not much of a story in that one.  My favorite photographs are storytelling photographs. Like this one.  A mother reading the newspaper with her children.  Talking about things.  Explaining things.  Pointing out the pictures and […]

Photography Favorites:  Holden

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  journal entry:   Oh, how I wish that I had been able to have a camera like I do today when my children were small. Think of all the faces and stages and special moments I could have recorded.  This is a wonderful time in which to live, especially with a nice camera in […]