Tea For Two: Tiny Tins

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  ” There is nothing insignificant. Nothing.” -Coleridge- Little, tiny things are so sweet. These little things I call “keepsakes”. That means that a person will keep them for the sake of how special they are or for the fact that someone special gave them as a gift.  I keep some “little things” from my […]

Sailing Swans

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    journal entry: Swans. Swimming and sailing and sweeping through the sky. Companion print to the multiplying giraffes which is found on this site in another post. I wanted puffy and poofy. I wanted someone I love to feel that the swans in the clouds were holding her up. Finished and in her Christmas box. Flying […]

Quilting a Million Giraffes

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  journal entry: I dreamed about giraffes for weeks. They multiplied before my eyes. Every time I finished one, another appeared. That is how it seemed to me. Grandpa often asked if I was still working on the giraffes. Yes. Yes, I am. It was the most wonderful, whimsical fabric I had ever seen at […]

Advent Calendar with a Sentimental Touch

journal entry:   It seems that each year I think about making an advent calendar. Think about it but don’t do it. I have long collected images of advent calendars others have made in an effort to gather ideas. Someday. That’s what I have said to myself.  Today is “someday”. I knew that I didn’t […]

Keepsake File Box


“Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.” -Rosalind Russell-     I am always looking for somewhere to put something.  Patterns, pictures, tutorials, ideas.  One thing always leads to another and so I made a Keepsake File Box to sit on my desk.  I used a combination of things I had on hand […]

Tiny Valentines' Day Quilt

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You would think that from the way I prowl the quilting stores that I was a quilter.  I am not.  Not a real quilter.  I am a “tie-the-quilt” quilter but not without a desire to make something worth keeping.  That is why I made this little Valentines’ Day quilt.  This quilt says that I love […]

Oh, My Christmas Tree !

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“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Everywhere you go.” -Familiar Christmas Carol- journal entry: I can honestly say that there isn’t an ornament on our Christmas tree that wasn’t on sale somewhere.  I have found that unlike many years ago, Christmas decorations go on sale well before the day after Christmas.  Each ornament […]

Two More Christmas Treasures

“Oh . . . for the good-old-days when people would stop Christmas shopping when they ran out of money.” -Author Unknown- journal entry: These are two old Christmas friends.  They sit under the Christmas Tree.  Above is a sweet and very detailed gnome made by Nettie.  I bought her at a boutique over twenty years […]

All Through the House


“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house . . . “ journal entry: I wonder why we love what we do?  Why we are pulled toward certain things . . . colors . . . styles.  I love Christmas “all through the house”.  I love digging out the Christmas boxes and re-discovering […]

Shhhhhhhh . . . Guardian Angels For Christmas.

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“We trust in plumed procession For such the angels go – Rank after Rank, with even feet- And uniforms of Snow. -Emily Dickinson- journal entry: These angels are a secret.  No ordinary angels . . . they are specially-trained Guardian Angels.  Their job is to watch over.  Usually, children.  I know two, little girls who […]