Symbolism Using Collage and Overlay

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  journal entry: Mixed media and collage art have long appealed to me. Most of the examples I see on the Internet and other places are on the artistic side rather than designed to be personal. I have chosen the path of the personal by creating familiar, personal, meaningful and symbolic combinations. I will use the collage above as an […]

 Stretchy Headbands with Floppy Flowers

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  Just a quick post for Easy Stretchy Headbands. These were SIMPLE and took so little fabric. They are for two little girls I know who LOVE to wear things in their hair. I love the pink band and the flowered band best because their flowers are FLOPPY and BOUNCY.  Each one stretches right on […]

Almost Christmas

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journal entry: It just isn’t the same on Christmas Eve without little children around. They make everything so exciting. They love mysteries and surprises. They love to ask “if I guess right will you tell me what is in the package?” The answer has eternally been NO ! Little visits from family over the many […]

Bears Bears Bears :  Alice

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  journal entry:   Alice is a surprise for Lydia.  (I love you, Lyddie)  Lydia is five. I bought Alice many years ago. She sat around and lived in a box, traveled to other people’s houses but never did have any pretty clothes to speak of. Until now. I washed her and fluffed her fur […]

Pumpkins: Paint or Carve ?

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  journal entry:   We took pumpkins with us when we went for a visit. And paints. And glitter spray. And glow-in-the-dark paint. Mom had painting shirts handy and dad set up a table in the driveway. I poured the paint onto paper plates and stood back. Some children hurry when they paint and some […]

Lydia's Blanket

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journal entry: Lydia is one of those children who has a special blanket.  Actually it used to be a blanket but is no more.  It is a rag. Completely unrecognizable as the blanket it once was. Nevertheless, Lydia has cherished it for five years. Through all of its stages.  The sum total of her years […]

Chicks are Pink

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{ this grandma blog is a fun way to communicate with grandchildren who live far-away. i can tell a story without being there and send the book along in the mail}     The little nest was filled with chicks when Lydia found it.  Pink chicks.  She carefully re-arranged them in the nest to be […]

Great Grandmother's Hats

“Leave everyone wondering which is the most interesting piece of work . . . YOU, or your hat?” -Unknown- journal entry: These are my mother’s hats.  They are from the middle 1940s.  I am so glad that she kept them.  They are mine when she is gone.  I borrowed them for a very fun new […]