matching games

Match the Robots Side to Side

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journal entry: I don’t know a boy or a boy-grown-into-a-man who doesn’t love robots. Old robots from the Flash Gordon days and new robots from the scientific laboratories.  From my robots and other space things folder of images I printed out 20 robots on 4×6 photo paper.  I mounted each on card stock with outer […]

Match the Dolls Head to Toe

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journal entry: I have long sighed over the beautiful dolls made by the German doll maker Zwergnase. Each year she adds new faces and clothing and hair and I think about which dolls I would buy if I was a trillionare. But since I’m not and don’t expect that to change, I have to content […]

Can You Match the Animals?


“From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere!” -Dr. Suess- journal entry: I was tired of chicken, duck, horse, cow and dog.  I thought that if I was tired of them . . . little people must really be longing for something goofy and strange.  So, I made 30 silly animals […]

My Robot Alphabet Matching Game


“I believe that people believe what they believe they believe.” -Ogden Nash- journal entry: I believe what I believe about robots and matching games.  I believe that they are great fun and than even I can play them with my grandchildren and occasionally get a match.  I believe that there is never a scrap of […]

My Fancy Clothes Matching Game

“I don’t have enough bracelets . . . I don’t have enough bracelets. Who has my bracelets ! I can’t live without my bracelets !” -Miss Piggy- journal entry: Girls can be a little piggies about their fancy things.   They have to share their fancy things with their sisters but mommy doesn’t have to share […]