Collecting Things:   Cookie Cutters

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“Broken cookies don’t have calories.” -Unknown- journal entry: Collections.  Most of us didn’t start out thinking we were collecting.  I have several things that I have always been drawn to throughout my life.   Like cookie cutters.  Over the years, one here and one there . . . I have ended up with a “collection”.  […]

My Bright Ideas File

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“A half-baked idea is okay as long as it is in the oven.” -Author Unknown- journal entry: If I had kept every idea I ever clipped out of a magazine or saw in the newspaper or heard about through the grapevine or had on my own . . . I would have an enormous idea […]

Organize Foam Stamps


“Order is the shape on which beauty depends.” -Pearl S. Buck- journal entry: I love organizing things almost as much as I enjoy using things.  I have a special place in my heart for jars.  They always catch my eye.  These jars turned out to be perfect for my foam stamps.  Foam stamps are odd.   […]

Organize Anything With Jars

“One woman’s mess is another woman’s filing system. -Author Unknown- journal entry: I love glass jars.  I love big jars and little jars.  I love colored lids and silver lids.  I like jars tall and square at the bottom and round and fat.  I think that if it wasn’t nutty . . . I would […]

Home Organizing:   Jars Jars Jars

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan and follow through.” -Eleanor Roosevelt- journal entry: That is true of organizing.  Nothing makes me crazier than wanting to use something I know I have and not being able to find it.  I always thought that when my children were grown and out […]