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    More Collage-Overlay Symbolism

      journal entry: How about more? I asked George what he was doing? He asked me why I couldn’t tell. I admitted that I hadn’t been looking closely enough. Then I made amends by saying that “George is a robber ! “ Look very carefully. What do you see?  What does it mean? Squint your eyes and quit looking at George and look BEYOND him. What is going to happen to his hand? I thought of a child who is now grown-up when I found this illustration. Someone I know well who has always loved the outdoors. Someone who knows all about leaves and trees and rocks and animals and…

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    Magical Christmas Trees

      journal entry: Christmas Trees. Most people have one. Some trees are live and some are not. Ours is not. It is covered with ornaments that children love. Dinosaurs, snowmen, monkeys, frogs, camels, children, treasures, knights, robots. Chains of pearls and garlands of colored circles. Candy canes. This and that. Accumulated over years with one goal- To make a Christmas Tree that little fingers want to touch and say I REMEMBER THAT !       Lions and tigers and bears and Santas. Glitter and snowflakes and lots of lights. Foxes and owls hidden in the branches. Polar bears and Christmas dolls underneath.       Oh, Christmas Tree !  

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    Collage Photography for Grandmothers Like ME

      My photo editing skills are very basic. That is why I love to use Picasa and used to love Picnik (which is closing in April and I will miss it so much through my tears)  I keep an online file of images which I have found on the Internet. I look for things that will lend themselves to backgrounds and enhancements for photographs.  In this case, my granddaughter Keeley is deep into the adventures of Nancy Drew and The Secret of the Old Clock. By holding both photos in the tray at the bottom left of Picasa and then selecting “collage”, I am able to then choose “multi-exposure” which…

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    Bike Bags for Kids

    journal entry: Their daddy asked me if it would be easy to make a couple of bags to attach to the front of their bikes.  I said YES. I rifled through the scraps and mixed and matched. I made up a pattern, sewed it together, added Velcro to hold the straps over the handle bars and sewed a little cow bell onto the outside.  I didn’t have a tutorial or a pattern but I had fun making them and found them to be very easy. I used a little elastic through the top so that it would squeeze things in a bit. This is another “this and that” entry so…

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    Matching Game: Things With Wheels !

    journal entry: “This and That” is a new category I have added to my blog. That is because sometimes an idea or a project really doesn’t take up a very big post but I still want to remember it. This matching game, named THINGS WITH WHEELS is one of those “this or that” posts. Quick description: Small after-Christmas tin with see-through lid. ($1.19 at JoAnn’s) Images from the Internet saved to Picasa. (most from catalogs online) Photos of the cars printed out and mounted on red card stock. (or any other color you have) Name of the type of game written on one of the things-with-wheels photographs using Picasa. Print…

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    Quilts for Christmas

        journal entry:   Perhaps you read the post for “Toy Bags and Teeny Tiny Cars”.  If you did then you know that after the two little boys I mentioned get through playing with their VERY FAST little cars, they will be tired. One can snuggle up with robots and the other with wild animals.  These, too, are going into the Christmas box today and off to Arizona to be opened on Christmas morning. When I walk around the quilt shop and buy lots of fabric, I am sure that the clerks think that I am a “quilter”.  There are few things that impress me more than a woman…

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    Whenever I look at Owen, the poems of Eugene Field begin to play in my mind.  I am sure that it was children like Owen who inspired his wonderful work.   Owen is a talker.  He has his eyes wide open . . . looking for an adventure.  He is sweet and cuddly.  Wonder how long the cuddly will last?  Grown-ups wish it would last forever. Hope until he cuddles me.  He loves Grandpa.  He even reached for Grandpa while being held by his mommy.  For me, he had a reluctant smile.  If he found himself in my arms, he wondered how he got there.  Then, he looked around for Grandpa,…

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    Never Too Early for a Christmas Swing-Set

    “Play gives children a chance to learn.  They have to play with what they know in order to find out more. Then, they can use what they learn in new forms of play.” -Fred Rogers from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood- journal entry: For Christmas we give family gifts.  Five of them.  Of course they are different.  Based on needs and wants that year.  We always try to give something that will last.  Something the parents of our grandchildren might not have been able to buy for themselves . . . right now.  This family got a swing set for Christmas – early.  Not a fancy swing set but an ordinary swing…