I Love Cemeteries

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journal entry: It is impossible to compile and research family history without falling in love with cemeteries. Especially those where ancestors sleep. We discovered the burial places of many ancestors only recently. We discovered this mountain-top cemetery named Pleasant Green Cemetery only a few years ago. There we found Tom’s great-grandparents John and Rosella Jenkins. […]

Photography Favorites:  Holden

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  journal entry:   Oh, how I wish that I had been able to have a camera like I do today when my children were small. Think of all the faces and stages and special moments I could have recorded.  This is a wonderful time in which to live, especially with a nice camera in […]

Photography Favorites:  My Children


      journal entry: I love to take photographs of my grandchildren but what about their parents? Seldom are they all together.  Today there were four.  Just missing one. Wish he was here.You can see their kindness and goodness in their eyes and in their smiles and in their countenances.  All parents themselves, doing […]

Funeral Photography

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journal entry: It seems that people have long underestimated the importance of “funeral” photography.  As my interest in Family History has deepened, I have  developed a great appreciation for it.  The death of those we love often brings together more living family members than does any other event.  Even weddings and the blessing of babies […]

Family Home Evening Tree

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“And thank you for a house full of people who love me.  Amen.” -A Child- journal entry: Monday night is Family Home Evening. That means that the families we know plan things.  Usually they plan a lesson about something important, scriptures to read, treats to eat and songs to sing.  Monday is a carefully guarded […]

Displaying Photographs


“It is not likely that posterity will fall in love with us, but not impossible that it may respect or sympathize; so, a man would rather leave behind him the portrait of his spirit rather than a portrait of his face.” -Robert Louis Stevenson- journal entry: I usually don’t argue much with Mr. R.L. Stevenson […]

Collage Photography


“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.” -Confucious- journal entry: If I was a millionaire I would buy every magazine by Stampington and Company that has ever been published.  I especially love Where Women Create and the new publication Artful Blogging.  While I have a few Stampington magazines, I always feel enormous guilt when […]

Organize Photograph CDs

“ journal entry: Grandmothers worry more than they did when they were mothers and much more than they did when they were children.  I guess that as you live longer, you become acquainted with more things to worry about.  One thing I did not want to worry about was photographs.  Yes, I know.  I could […]

Time Flies  and So Does Zane !

“Be Yourself.  Everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde- journal entry: Zane.  Grandson.  Dog lover.  Cat lover.  People lover.  New “old” car owner.  Hard worker.  Musician.  Scholar.  Son.  Grandson. Brother. Friend.  Time is flying away with this one in its clutches.  Seems like yesterday he was six with a new buzz cut.  Then fourteen with […]