Globe Decor:  You Are Divine

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  journal entry: “You Are Divine” is used here to mean that we are children of Heavenly Parents. Our attributes are Heavenly gifts. We are divine.  This is a fairly large globe which had several damaged surfaces. I used a “one-coat metallic spray paint” which covered quickly and perfectly in just one coat as it said […]

The Shadow Puppet Show

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  I made shadow puppets for our Family Get-Together. (You can find the post on this blog as Shadow Puppets for Everyone) Here are pictures of the show. Grandpa used a metal garment rack to which he attached a white sheet. He used clamps from his garage. He put the rack and the sheet behind […]

Juice Box Water Bottles

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  A quick post about juice-box-sized plastic bottles.  Getting ready for the grandchildren. Found these little bottles with straws built in 2 for $1.  I am going to make fish-shaped ice cubes out of juice and put them in the bottles. Then, I am going to plop them back into the freezer. When it is […]

LIFE IS GOOD Magnet Easel

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Just a quick post to say LIFE IS GOOD !       This is a magnet board which stands up like an easel. I cut the vinyl letters with Silhouette but my favorite part quickly became the magnets. Cute little flower things. They are just little paper scrapbook flowers glued to magnets. Cute, I […]

Chalk Board for the Kitchen

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  Chalk Boards and Magnet Boards. They are everywhere. I found this “distressed” chalk board at TJ Maxx. There was only one and it had a clearance sticker. I bought it and brought it home and leaned it against the wall and held it against the wall and turned it this way and that way […]

Halloween Garland

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journal entry: Spooky stuff is really fun. Simple spooky stuff is even more fun. I cut these shapes with my Silhouette Cutting Machine. Spiders. Pumpkins. Bats. Cats.     I used my tiny hole punch to punch two holes in each piece. Then, I threaded a flexible black floral wire through the holes.  Here and […]

Daily Planner with a Personal Touch


journal entry: Most women love planners.  Not people who plan but books called planners.  That is because women are always planning.  Planning on paper that is pretty or behind tabs that are funky is more fun that writing things down on a scrap of paper or in a regular notebook.  We all know that.  I […]

T- Shirts for Grandchildren

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  journal entry: Memorial Day is coming fast.  And with it comes our family.  Sons and daughters and “in-laws” and grandchildren.  For many days.  That means lots of noise and food and mess and FUN.  All made better by bright and happy personalized shirts . . . made by me.   DON”T TELL. They are […]