Rescuing Rosie

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  Rosie was smashed against the back of the shelf behind the trucks and castles. Her hair was tangled and had in it little sticks and pieces of grass That is how I knew that she had been playing outside. I wasn’t sure if all of the dirt would come off, even with a magic eraser […]

Under-the-Sea Quiet Game

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  THERE IS SUCH A MAGIC UNDER THE SEA. The Beatles went under the sea in a yellow submarine. Some people go under the sea with snorkels. Children go under the sea in the bathtub. This little tin contains fishies who come to life when imagination is poured in. Take off the lid. The ocean waves […]

Moon Walk Quiet Game

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  Here is a little outer-space quiet-time activity beyond easy to make. The images were found “somewhere” in the universe which is the Internet. I saved them, printed them out and mounted them on magnet sheets. I cut them out of the magnet sheets and rounded the corners. One is on the lid so you […]